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Why choose Wilkinson Decorators for woodwork repairs.....

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…...sadly rotten wood is a huge problem and one that occurs on many properties that require exterior woodwork painting. Before Wilkinson Decorators start on the damaged wood area the scale of the problem is assessed and the customer is informed if they did not know previously. After that the woodwork care techniques start in preparation for painting or varnishing the wood.

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The treatment the woodwork will receive is Specialist Repair Care. The small team at Wilkinson Decorators are skilled in the application of the woodwork repair solutions. Once treated, the lifespan of the wood is increased and the maintenance cost of the woodwork in the future are reduced.

What our clients say...

  • I would like to recommend Wilkinson Decorators. The work has been done expertly and the results are impressive, especially the kitchen which was painted by Andrew with one damaged eye!

    Christine Rees 17/08/2012