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Floor Sanding FAQ's

Will you remove my carpet for me?
We can but there will be a small additional charge.

Will you move my furniture out of the room?
Again we can but there will be a small additional charge. If you have very large pieces of furniture it is usually possible to sand the room in 2 halves.

Do we need to move out of our house?
No, we will discuss when it is a good time to do the sanding and with minimum disruption.

How many times can a floor be sanded?
Two or three times.

How many coats of varnish/lacquer to you apply?
We apply three coats.

Is my floor too bad to be sanded?
Sanding strips away 3mm to reveal a clean surface and the wood will come up as new.

How long does an average room take to complete, (say 14x12ft / 4x4.5m)?
It will be about two days.

What benefits are there to getting a floor sanded?
Finished floors are hygienic, practical, very stylish, virtually maintenance free and easy to clean.

Do you use quality floor varnish?
Yes we use Becker Parquet Pro or Junckers. Alternatively we can use Osmo Oil. These are all high quality finishes.

When can I use the floor?
It can be used with care eight hours after the last coat.

How long will it last?
An entrance hall used by a family of four will last 4-5 years, a bedroom would last 6-10 years.

Will floor sanding add value to my property?
We would always recommend the effort of getting your floor sanded if you have boards just waiting to be brought back to life. A beautiful varnished wooden floor will always add value to a property. When pine wood boards have been renovated there is no doubt they draw your eye in a room. Well maintained real wood flooring is always an asset to a property giving an authentic feel to a cottage and the wow factor in a contemporary home.

ls it a very messy job having the floors sanded?
Not when you consider that Wilkinson Decorators have the latest technology in floor sanding with 95% dust free sanders. The team are also very experienced and accomplished floor sanders and Andrew Wilkinson himself has the knowledge to advise on all the different types of finish that can be achieved.

What our clients say...

  • Many thanks for such a good job – it looks wonderful – you’re your own best advert!

    Helen Hinchley, Windermere 23/06/2009